Underhill Farm, an Eco-Location

Jlogo#ust because it’s known…

    …doesn’t mean it’s explored.


SONY DSCUnderhill Farm is a beautiful, unique eco-location in the Shropshire–Wales border countryside. 

Come for work, play or a holiday. We cater for groups and organisations as well as individuals, couples and families.

The farm has seen big changes since its days as a dairy farm and is now a very special site for those wishing to explore the natural world.

We offer:SONY DSC

  • Facilities for meetings, events and activities
  • Bespoke courses and activities
  • Accommodation ranging from tents to a camp barn

Browse our site to find out how we can meet your group or holiday needs, or follow our blog as we keep you informedrock climbing of all (well, perhaps just the highlights!) that is happening around Underhill Farm.

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A wonderful eco-venue for exploring our relationship with nature. Just because it's known… Doesn't mean it's explored.


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